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Doors are furniture items that prevent enemies from entering an area when closed. Players can open them with ⚷ Open / Activate . Doors can be placed in any space so long as it is exactly three blocks high, with ceiling and floor blocks. Friendly NPCs will open and close doors during the day as they wander about. Enemies that follow the Fighter AI can open doors, with a few exceptions. Additionally, Goblin Peons can remove doors entirely on contact, while Angry Bones and Butchers can open them with one hit.

Doors can also be opened and closed via Wires. If you put wire on the door's hinge, then wiring will toggle the door's closed/open state upon activation, but if you put wires on the side tiles, where the door opens, then wiring will only close the door. The Lihzahrd Door occurs naturally at the entrance to the Jungle Temple, and initially requires a Temple Key to open. Once unlocked, it can be freed with a pickaxe, and placed again by the player like any other door. Lihzahrd Doors can also be crafted, but its crafting station can only be obtained after opening the initial door, and the ingredients require the Picksaw (or better) to mine, which is dropped by Golem.

Apart from the standard doors listed here, there also exist Trap Doors and Tall Gates, which behave similarly. Also every block can be used like a (Switch toggled) door via Actuators.Woodgrain Doors’ exquisite collection offers a unique combination of beauty and durability. Built upon our superior, century-old craftsmanship, we uphold the industry’s highest standard of authentic stile and rail construction. With thousand of door designs, styles and configurations to choose from, you’ll find the perfect door to complement your unique style.

Most people are probably aware that pine is often used in the production of paper, furniture and building materials and thus also for the production of doors.n the following, you can read more about pine and how the timber is used in the production of furniture, paper and building materials, as well as why we only use slow-growing pine from colder Scandinavian regions in our production of doors.Pine belongs to the genus Pinus, which consists of around 100 different species of coniferous trees. The primary characteristic of the genus Pinus is that the trees are green all year round, their needles are found in small shoots of 2, 3 or 5 needles and that they have different types of cones.